Bring Spirit To The Holidays:

13 Sacred Nights Challenge


Sunday, December 24th

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As you journey and journal through
the Holy Nights with me and St. Hildegard, you will:

  • ​Co-create sacred space and be given permission to prioritize filling your spiritual cup, especially if your current surroundings may be draining you.​​
  • Connect with the most powerful time of the year to explore your dreams.
  • Access key guidance and action steps to make 2023 the year you’ve dreamt about.​
  • Turn the darkness of your pain and struggles to the path of light through the powerful meditations and guidance of St. Hildegard.
  • Accept and understand your pain so that you are then able to release it and understand St. Hildegard’s word VIRIDITAS!

The Holy Nights, the nights between December 24th and January 6th, are the most sacred time of the year. Why do I say this?

"During this time of year, when outer Nature fades, when the sun's creations fall as it were into slumber and our organs of outer perception must turn away from the phenomena of the physical world, the soul has the opportunity — nay not only the opportunity but the urge — to withdraw into its innermost depths, in order to feel and to experience.

Now, when the light of the outer sun is faintest and its warmth feeblest, now is the time when the soul withdraws into the darkness but can find within itself the inner, spiritual Light.

The lights on the Christmas Tree stand there before us as a symbol of the inner, spiritual Light that is kindled in the outer darkness. And because what we feel to be the spirit light of the soul shining into the darkness of Nature seems to be an eternal reality, we imagine that the lighted fir tree shining out to us on Christmas Night must have been shining ever since our earthly incarnations began.” (Sophia Institute)

I learned so much about myself through the Bring Spirit to the Holidays journey. This will be my third time through the 13 Sacred Nights. It is becoming a part of my holiday ritual. If anyone is hesitant, you don't need to worry. It is a very special inward journey prompted by daily live messages from Jeannine, which are recorded and posted in the Facebook group in case you miss the live. It helped me set time aside to listen to my own heart during a time of year that can become very hectic. I found it to be refreshing to my soul.

- Catherine Feldman

Themes for each of the Holy Nights

“13 Sacred Nights was such a beautiful and healing practice! Hildegard’s words, Jeannine’s soothing voice and the background music entered my body, mind and soul and I had the best sleep in ages. The journaling and rituals created a deep, expansive, heart-opening experience. Amen”

- Lynne Zanetich

A Note From Jeannine Goode-Allen

Doctor Of The Soul

I was born in London, England, educated in Switzerland, and am fluent in English, Spanish, German and French. I hold a Doctorate in Ministry degree and Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Education. Also, I am an accomplished artist and educator. I use all of this and much more when helping others heal their souls.

​The person who has inspired me now for over thirty years is the German Mystic St. Hildegard of Bingen and this “Bring Spirit To The Holidays” challenge has been inspired by her book “Scivias” (Know The Ways Of God)

From my healing journey to yours… 

Can you imagine healing from a congenital heart defect and a painfully frozen pelvis? All while journeying through a massive kundalini energy awakening born of an intense shamanic experience? No degree can teach you how to do that. This is why I know that my gifts come from a spiritual dimension.

What can I do for you?
Allow me to share my knowledge of St. Hildegard’s powerful spiritual text. Let yourself be immersed in sacred music and text. This program will change your life.

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